Dock A Tot Knock Off: 10 Superior Quality Options Your Pocket Will Appreciate

by | Mar 26, 2022

Dock A Tot Knock Off

The DockATot is a most popular-touted newborn must-have. Womenswear their babies wouldn’t sleep on their own during the night until the very day they got a DockATot. Unfortunately, these are a little bit expensive! but the concern is Which begs the question: Is there a decent Dock A Tot knock off?

As recently came out, there are a plethora of DockATot alternatives available. Some are far from being comparable in function and quality, while others are just a cheaper version of almost the exact same thing.

There is no doubt that you could make your own Dock A Tot, but the concern is that if you’re not good with a sewing machine that’s more trouble than it’s worth. Fortunately, once you’ve read about these highly rated baby loungers you’ll be able to get a really cheap Dock A Tot alternative that suits your standards.

Every collected lounger here on this list:

  • (Excluding the Etsy lounger) every lounger Has at least 150 Amazon reviews and a 4.7+ rating
  • Can be used from birth
  • Is made of breathable material
  • Is machine washable (or uses a washable cover)
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The Best Budget DockATot Alternatives

To add on, thorough review, we’ve given each baby lounger a BoppyLounger rating out of 10 based on these factors:

  • Affordability
  • Size and weight
  • How long your baby can use it
  • Material, comfort, and washability
  • Usefulness

All of these products still vary wildly in price, but they are cheaper than the DockATot. Our price range key is as follows:

  • $ = under $40
  • $$ = $40-$70
  • $$$ = $70-$100
  • $$$$ = over $100

Exactly what kind of products are the same as Dock A Tot? Let’s explore the many alternatives below!

1.The Boppy Lounger Review

boppy newborn lounger knock off
Review: At about 25 inches across, the Boppy Newborn Lounger definitely isn’t a long-term lounging remedy. As we all know, not much baby gear gets more than a few months’ use!

On the other hand, this one is more like a donut that your baby’s butt slides into but whereas the other loungers on this list are more like tiny cribs with padded sides. Until they are pretty strong your baby is a lot less likely to actually roll over into the sides of the Boppy Lounger.

The superior quality material feels smooth and washes easily. Since the baby’s head will always lie in the same spot, but the lounger itself is super-fluffy and comfortable, you may start to notice a dip in the padding there. 

It has a carrying handle at the top and It’s lightweight, making it great for carrying around the house or one room to another to pop your baby in it for quick errands (like making yourself a meal or going to the bathroom).

Price: $

Recommended Age Range: 0-4 months

Given Score by Boppy: 8/10

  • The cheapest lounger on this list
  • Holds the baby in place
  • Reduces reflux
  • The baby will outgrow quickly
  • Padding may dip
  • Must wash the entire pillow

2. The Leachco Podster Sling-Style Lounger Review

leachco podster sling-style lounger

Review: Slightly bigger than the Boppy Lounger and weighing less than three pounds, to make your newborn feel secure the sling-style Podster is just the right size.

It can be adjusted to tightly snuggle even a preemie newborn or allow room for a growing baby because it has tabs at the bottom. Still, it’s only recommended for roughly four months old (when they usually start rolling over) or until your baby is 16 pounds.

Even though your baby could have a little more wiggle room, they are also less likely to roll into a wall of padding when they move (which is a very good thing), because the design of this lounger is less like a donut and more like a padded shell.

In contrast to the one above, You won’t have to wait for the whole pillow to dry to get back to using it, because this one also has a removable cover for machine washing (which makes it more nice and soft).

Price: $

Recommended Age Range: 0-4 months

Given Score by Boppy: 8/10

  • Very affordable
  • Adjustable tabs
  • Removable cover
  • The baby will outgrow quickly
  • Minimal back support
  • No cushion in the center

3.The Snuggle Me Organic Bare Review

snuggle me organic bare knock off

Review: It is a popular item as It’s the great debate of the Snuggle Me Organic vs Dock A Tot! These two are the best known higher-end loungers available that’s why many moms find themselves debating between them. The reason why it’s included on this list is because Snuggle Me is a little cheaper.

This pillowy lounger is under five pounds and almost 30 inches long, which means this length means your baby will probably outgrow the center sling at around nine months. But it could last a lot longer if they’re comfortable sleeping with their legs over the pillowed edge.

Instead of a cushioned mat, the Snuggle Me has a design unique from all the others in that list, the center is more like a hammock. So the sides slightly fold in, helping keep the baby still and prevent rolling, when you lay your baby in it. To add on, It is truly like your baby is being hugged while they sleep and It’ll easily fit inside your crib or bassinet, too.

On the outside, while the inside is polyester fill you’ll feel soft organic cotton. The entire pillow is machine-washable but this particular version doesn’t come with a cover. (Either from Snuggle Me or cheaper versions on Etsy, you can get removable covers.) They also make a Snuggle Me bundled with a travel bag and a cover.

Price: $$$

Recommended Age Range: 0-9 months

Given Score by Boppy: 6/10

  • Makes the baby feel secure
  • Cheaper than DockATot
  • Lots of covers available
  • Not for strong, active babies
  • Can get too hot in warm weather
  • Still pricey

4. The Uaugh Baby Lounger Review

Uaugh baby lounger

Review: Frankly speaking, the Uaugh lounger is probably the best Dock A Tot alternative you’re going to find, in terms of design and quality similarities. The fabric is made of 100% certified organic cotton and the shape and style are nearly identical.

This lounger weighs 3.5 pounds and is just under 32 inches long. When you’re nine months pregnant the shape is meant to mimic your uterus, meanwhile, the baby’s head and sides are surrounded to make them feel more secure as they sleep. Organically, in a short period of time, your baby will outgrow something shaped like your uterus, but it could last for many months if they grow comfortable having their legs extended over the padding.

Most of the parents use this type of baby bed for co-sleeping to make sure the baby can’t roll off (and to keep them from rolling on it). Moreover, the padded bumpers are not as tall as you think but they may seem scary. To turn in such a way that their face would be tucked down in the crevice It’s nearly impossible for a baby.

The cover is removable via a hidden zipper for easy machine washing is a big perk of this lounger. As well as It has two carrying handles (on the end and the side) so you can always have it next to you. The bottom is also nicely padded with about 1.5 inches of comfort to support your baby’s back, unlike some of the sling-style loungers above.

Price: $$

Recommended Age Range: 0-6 months

Given Score by Boppy: 9/10

  • Closely mimics the DockATot
  • Extremely affordable
  • Beautiful designs to choose from
  • The cover is washable but not waterproof
  • Cushion is difficult to re-insert
  • Zipper may be weak

5. The EIH Baby Nest Review

EIH baby nest knock off

Review: It’s natural you might think that once you’ve seen one DockATot knockoff, you’ve seen them all, but every single one has surprisingly unique features. For instance, the EIH Baby Nest is not suitable for sleeping at night, while it includes an extra pillow insert! Who suffers from reflux as my daughter did due to it can be a great choice during supervised naps for babies.

This bed weighs 3.5 pounds and is over 35 inches which makes it longer than the Uaugh. To reach the most use out of it, the product maker suggests unbuckling and untying the bottom so that your baby’s legs have room to stretch. (Of course, it even has a different buckle system to make sure it stays enclosed for your newborn!)

This lounger makes for a great travel bed for a baby because sporting two carrying handles. No doubt, it’s multi-purpose, too, especially with the bottom opening up. While the bumper keeps them from scooting anywhere dangerous, you can prop your baby up on the included pillow at the foot during tummy time.

The PP type of cotton is used, is safe for your baby but more resistant to staining. To add on, this one also includes elastic in the material that makes it easier to put back on after cleaning, but the cover is machine washable.

Price: $$

Recommended Age Range: 0-9 months

Given Score by Boppy: 10/10

  • Bonus pillow
  • High-quality materials
  • It can be used untied for any size baby
  • Difficult to zip back up
  • Not for overnight use

6. The MamiBaby Baby Nest Review

mamibaby baby nest

Review: Down to the travel handles, length, and weight, the optics of the MamiBaby are almost identical to that of the Uaugh lounger. It does have two sets of thinner ribbons that can be adjusted to sit wider (or left untied altogether), but It doesn’t use a buckle system. Which makes it one of the best adjustable and convenient baby loungers on the market.

The MamiBaby uses a cover made of breathable cotton that is removable and machine washable, same as the looking beds above. The padding on the bottom of this one has a higher density which plays an essential role in giving your baby more spinal support when they sleep.

Price: $$

Recommended Age Range: 0-9 months

Given Score by Boppy: 8/10

  • Elastic in bumper cover
  • Firm, thick pad
  • Adjustable ties
  • Ribbon may fray or get lost
  • Bumper flimsier than other models

7. The Childlike Baby Lounger Review

childlike baby lounger knock off

Review: The Childlike lounger is almost similar to the EIH Baby Nest than anything else. Similarly, it has a tie-and-buckle at the bottom to keep the bumper securely connected if needed. However, the length is shorter and closer to that of Uaugh and MamiBaby.

Just similar to the others, the cover on this knock off Dock A Tot is machine-washable and removable. It’s also a breathable, soft, comfortable, and velvety texture. As we all know now it’s nice and soft, it might be too warm for them if your baby runs hot when they sleep (like my son did).

To add on, this is another portable baby bed that has a thick, supportive pad on the bottom as well.

Price: $$

Recommended Age Range: 0-9 months

Given Score by Boppy: 8/10

  • Sturdy bottom pad
  • The super soft
  • Securely buckled end
  • Must assemble before using
  • Zipper is plastic

8. The CubbyCove Classic Review

cubbycove classic lounger

Review: You finally reached it, if you’re looking for a safe alternative to Dock A Tot, this is it. The CubbyCove is made of soft and premium 3D mesh all the way through which makes it the most breathable bed on this list. I know you Don’t believe me? Then you have to read other reviews that talk about how their normally sweaty babies stay comfy and cool in this thing!

Right at three feet, it’s only a hair longer than the other cheaper knock-offs on this list. However, it is also a wider one which is why it will last your baby longer. And that’s even considering the fact that you have to worry about buckling or tying because there’s no bumper connection on the end. Compared to the loungers above the bottom pad is ultra-thick and the bumpers are also taller, coming in at nearly seven inches high!

If you don’t have a king size bed and if you’re wanting a lounger for co-sleeping, the extra room this one takes up might be a negative factor. Although, a major difference is weight: CubbyCove clocks in at over seven pounds. It seems about twice the weight of the beds above, but It’s still not heavy.

The padding cannot go for washing, but the cover zips off and can go in the washing machine. Well, I suggest inserting a water-resistant changing pad liner to help prevent staining and reduce the number of times you have to wash it.

If you aren’t convinced yet, let me bring the light to the canopy! Of course, when you’re at a picnic or watching your older child play soccer, the CubbyCove comes with a matching, removable canopy to shield your baby from harsh sunlight as well as it comes with a travel bag.

And it does not matter, but the manufacturer ships this travel baby bed in a nicer box than the cheaper ones on here, exciting part no assembly required, which makes it more giftable as a present for someone else.

Price: $$$$

Estimated Age Range: 0-12+ months

Given Score by Boppy: 9/10

  • 100% breathable, safe-for-baby material
  • Includes removable canopy
  • Larger and will last longer
  • Padding can be difficult to reinsert
  • Maybe too large for newborns or co-sleeping

9. The LaLaMe Organic Baby Nest Review

lalame organic baby nest knock off

Review: The Uaugh’s or the MamiBaby’s the LaLaMe’s dimensions are nearly identical to them, but it adjusts to look a lot more like the actual DockATot. Also, it’s fully secured at the bottom with a buckle.

No assembly is required for this one which is the major advantage of the LaLaMe after it’s shipped to you and you don’t have to take it apart to wash it. Just send the whole thing in the washer! Moreover, you won’t have to wash it as often as the other ones. To make it water-resistant the superior material has been treated with a beeswax-like substance. Most of the messes on it will just wipe clean.

The downside is the price, which is roughly double as compared to the other pillows.

Price: $$$

Estimated Age Range: 0-9 months

Given Score by Boppy: 8/10

  • Water- and stain-resistant
  • No assembly required
  • Easy to wash
  • More expensive than other alternatives

10. The Etsy Handmade Babynest Review

etsy handmade babynest

Review: Not friendly with a sewing machine? but Interested in a DIY Dock A Tot! Get this really well-made Dock A Tot knock off and save yourself from trouble. The price might be higher in contrast to some of the Amazon loungers, but it’s still less than half the price of the real thing, exciting thing is that it is made with much more care (by a mom!).

This nest probably comes in two unique sizes: a deluxe 47-inch nest for toddlers (and it’s literally just a few dollars more for the big one) and a 37-inch nest for newborns to one-year-olds. Between both, if it makes them feel safe and secure your baby could keep sleeping in it well past their third birthday.

The seller used 100% natural cotton to make it and you have the option to buy an extra mattress insert for just a few dollars. That way you still need your baby to sleep in the nest if the mattress gets wet, you can wash the insert and there’s still a comfortable bed underneath. The whole thing can be tumble-dried as well because it is machine washable.

She gave his words (mean guarantee) that the material will hold its color for at least 30 washes! Including chevron, elephants, and owls there are so many cute materials to choose from.

Price: $$

Estimated Age Range: 0-36 months!

Given Score by Boppy: 10/10

  • Larger than other baby nests
  • Comes in a toddler size
  • Made with love
  • Ships from Ukraine (can be slow)
  • Bumper may not be as thick

Dock A Tot Knock Off: FAQ’s?

It is a tough choice among mothers to choose the best alternative for babies because there are a lot of loungers people can get from online and offline stores but they don’t what’s the best for their little ones so read more.

Is DockATot worth it?

Well as we know there are a plethora of cheap baby loungers out there that look nearly identical to the DockATot, but the question is: is the Dock A Tot worth the price?

Across the world there are a number of parents who have had bad experiences with these alternatives (the rips, staines upon arrival, broken zippers) will swear you should just spend the money on the real thing from the get-go. But the odds are in your favor that you’ll still get a quality product at a lower price, when you can get three or four generics for the price of the name brand.

Babies sleep oftenly as newborns, and they will take a lot of naps in spaces they feel completely secure. I’m sure this baby lounger could end up being your most-used baby gear, but if your child loves sleeping in a DockATot, then any new guardian will tell you that alone is worth the cost.

Why is DockATot so expensive?

This question bothers most of the moms “why dockatot is so expensive“, because the DockATot is made of higher-quality materials. But don’t assume that the cheaper ones are made of bad materials, just cheaper materials. Ultimately, you have to decide if that matters to you. 

For their covers DockATot uses the general stamp of “natural cotton” to make them, their materials are also put through a gamut of safety tests such as color-fastness, fabric burst strength, seam strength, flammability safety and toxins.

How long can baby loungers be used?

I think the question is wrong while parents have to ask what age can baby loungers be used? Some babies get too wiggly and grow fast for loungers as soon as four months. Some of them don’t mind sleeping with their legs hanging over the bumper edge and will gladly keep sleeping on them for up to a year.

Honestly, it really depends on your baby’s sleeping habits and size (along with the size of your chosen lounger). For the boppy lounger there is a brief explanation on how long a baby can use it. But as I stated It really depends on the mentioned components.

Can baby loungers be used all night?

Well, there is no approval for baby loungers by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) for sleep of ANY kind, so they definitely haven’t been approved for overnight use. The decision maker is an American regulatory committee. Then again, I can name a dozen people I know personally that have coslept since day one, but the American Academy of Pediatrics also says cosleeping isn’t safe at all.

Other nations feel differently about loungers. Especially In Europe, these beds are often touted as “safe for cosleeping” right on their packaging. 

You’ll probably want to avoid using a baby lounger overnight if your baby is strong and starts rolling to the side early, or seems to have a habit of pressing their face into the bumper. Also, you have to do what’s best for your child and for you.

What are baby loungers most used for?

If you can’t use them for putting your baby to sleep overnight then what is the reason for having them? I admit that babies have to be put down a lot so you can, you know, get stuff done. And you don’t exactly want to put them straight down on a bed or high surface, and it’s dangerous to put them on the floor either.

While you tend to other chores or take a shower Baby loungers are great for keeping your newborn in a safe space that they can’t easily scoot out. To add on, most experts admit they are perfectly safe for supervised naps (meaning you’re in the same room and awake the whole time).

DockATot Deaths

The question is Has a baby died in a Dock A Tot? You’ve definitely seen one-star reviews making this claim, saying that this item kills babies, and it’s completely unsafe, and should never ever be used.

The reality is, Consumer Reports did publish their findings of two infant deaths being linked to the use of a DockATot. To make an educated assessment about this fact the whole picture needs to be seen. Here are more details regarding the report:

  • From 2013 to 2019, this data spanned over six years
  • DockATot company has likely sold tens of thousands of units
  • These deaths cannot be quantifiably ruled as caused by the DockATot because they occured by SIDS

Why is Dock A Tot unsafe?

Is there a chance for a baby to suffocate in a DockATot? Ofcourse, babies have a chance of suffocating any time because airways are blocked, including having their faces pressed against fabric. Since the DockATot’s bumper is a raised edge, they could be at risk, if your baby managed to completely turn their body into the bumper.

Just remember that most babies aren’t able to roll to their sides at all until 2-4 months. And if they are usually strong enough to move their faces toward fresh air if their breathing becomes uncomfortable, but if they are strong enough to do so. In addition to it, the DockATot is made of a polyester fill and a breathable cotton fabric.

For me, the above statistics aren’t enough to scare me off of baby loungers altogether. While trying to make life with a newborn manageable so parents have to do what’s best for their baby. I did allow both of my babies to take almost all of their naps on a Boppy pillow (not even the actual lounger!) and never felt that they were in danger of suffocation, while I didn’t have a DockATot.

You are the parent, and no doubt that you know your baby’s temperament. I suggest Go with your gut, and follow the Dock A Tot safety guidelines from their website, it doesn’t matter which lounger from this list you decide to get:

  • Don’t use blankets or loose pillows in or on the lounger
  • Try to always put your baby to sleep on their back
  • For supervise all of their time spent in the lounger
  • Only put the lounger on a stable surface, flat and firm
  • Try to avoid carry the lounger with your baby inside
  • Only use the lounger when fully assembled
  • When using the lounger during tummy time closely supervise

The Bottom Line

I hope you’ve found these comparisons and product reviews helpful and have chosen the perfect Dock A Tot knock off for your little one! Really I have no idea what I would’ve done without a baby lounger when my kids were newborns.

Which one did you choose to go with? Let me know in the comment section!