How To Keep Relationship Strong After Having a Baby (6+ Ways)

by | Mar 17, 2022

How to keep relationship strong after having a baby
How to keep relationship strong after having a baby is a complex phrase, especially wondering about making the shift from a happy couple to new parents is not easy, no matter if you do have nine months to get used to the idea. As romance and weekends getaway make way for night feeds and nappies, looking at the time and energy to care for your relationship, along with a newborn baby – can be tricky!

You’ll fall in love all over again – more deeply! It can be possible between the cycle of feed, sleep, nappy, repeat, there are ways to make it happen. Here are our top seven tips to keep your relationship strong after you become parents:

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7 Ways: How To Keep Relationship Strong After Having a Baby

To solve your circumstances the valuable key points are given below read them and see results with passage of time:

7. Rethink About Date Night

It is natural “Because I saw a dramatic shift in my relationship with my husband after Becoming a parent. I realized we were in need of some couple time things, because Twelve weeks after giving birth to our daughter after the newborn fog had lifted. Not only was my husband missing our romantic date nights, but I wanted to feel like I was more than ‘just a mother’.

“Well after settling the baby, interestingly we brought the romance into our kitchen: he cooked up a delectable Thai meal with all the trimmings, and after that, I laid out our nicest crockery and my favorite candle (the similar scent I wore on our wedding day) and we opened a fancy bottle of wine. The exciting part, I was still wearing my jogging bottoms and I hadn’t washed my hair for three days, but it felt like a much-needed moment of indulgence for just the two of us.”

6. Always Watch the Funny Side

We’ve found the best way to keep our relationship strong is to try and find laughing moments when the situation gets rough. Whether our child has an epic tantrum in public or pulls an all-nighter, during that situation we always look at each other and say ‘she’s your daughter!’ and try to laugh it off.

To be kind to each other when you can and trying to laugh about things or moments definitely keeps our bond tight. Of course, It’s a team effort, after all!”

5. Take It Easy

“Real talk: getting intimate with my husband was the last thing on my mind, after having a baby. But I also didn’t want to let our sex life slip into oblivion and almost about ten weeks after giving birth, we tentatively gave it a go.

With a little help from lubricant to get things going because dryness was the main stumbling block so we took things slowly. It was much more exciting and pleasurable than I’d imagined and, to be honest, after weeks of no sleep, a rush of feel-good hormones was a welcome boost.”

4. Choose Your Occasions

“Well, sometimes we go from date night to date day. Rather than being desperate for bed like you are in the evenings, During lunchtime, you’re more likely to feel awake.

Furthermore, it feels a bit illicit, staying in for sex during the day or meeting your other half for lunch away from the house. It can really play an essential role to help you to remember what you liked about the other person in the first place.”

3. Keep In Mind That Honesty Is Key

“I didn’t always feel like giving my husband a hug or being affectionate because breastfeeding made me feel really ‘touched out’ a lot of the time.

Fortunately, he is a very understanding person and knew to let me come to him if I wanted an intimate moment (snuggle on the couch or even just a kiss). The minimum of pressure helped me to think of myself as me, not just a mum or wife.”

2. Book In ME-TIME

“There’s little time to connect unless we consciously book time in because my husband and I have two sets of twins; with so many children. We always try to make sure we have regular, scheduled time together so that helps to keep our relationship on track!

One fastest trick was to sync our work diaries, so we can take our coffee or tea breaks together during the day.”

1. Parent Each Other

Most of us have far more forgiveness, compassion, and patience for our children rather than we do for our partners. In case your baby cries for no apparent reason, you have to do everything in your power to calm her, but sadly when our partners snap at us in the mildest way we become indignant, best points out. If you can take the compassionate approach you have for your children and offer something similar to your partner, it will go a long way.

The Bottom Line

We believe this article has given an overall discussion to answer the question of How to keep relationship strong after having a baby.

It is a gradual process and also crucial to know that the changes are not sudden and to reignite the spark and save your marriage, wife and husband need to go back to the drawing board so that your relationship/marriage can still be as blissful as before.