Why Is DockATot So Expensive (6 Reasons And Why Mum’s Love It)

by | Mar 21, 2022

Why DockATot Is So Expensive

Why is dockatot so expensive? According to the DockATot company website best described as a docking station for your baby, it helps to relieve pressure on the head by creating a snug and soothing environment for the little ones because the DockATot mattress is made from supersoft thermal bonded fiber, meanwhile reducing the risk of Flat Head Syndrome, which making them worth the price with the Grand Dock fitting 9 to 36-month-olds while the Deluxe+ made for 0-8 months old babies.

A DockATot is a baby product that resembles an inflated pool bed as well as it has a flat but soft center with large rounded sides. Moreover, you can call it a small mattress with side cushions about 5 inches high.

Excitingly, it’s a perfect place for resting for babies, the DockATot provides a comfortable spot that lets babies lounge, play, cuddle, and even get diaper changes.

Life with a newborn baby can be tricky. Especially, from sleep deprivation to potential feeding problems, and of course, managing to have someone so little with you 24 hours round the clock. Recently it came out, this incredible multifunctional product can be used to give much more baby activities as well as provide to your hands some much-needed freedom.

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Is DockATot Worth It?


Since there are a plethora of cheap baby loungers out there such as you can buy from online and offline stores but that look nearly identical to the DockATot, that begs the question; why is dock a tot so expensive?

1. It Helps To Reinvent The Womb

Babies will only often nap in places they feel entirely secure in because they sleep a lot during their newborn stage. Any new mom will tell you that in itself is worth the price if her baby likes sleeping in their DockATot.

If you want it could end up being the only most used baby accessory you’ll ever own. It offers a secure and comfortable snug environment similar to a mother’s womb, where guardians can place their little ones without any hesitation under supervision.

2. It’s Easy To Wash and Portable

As individuals know that the DockATot is made of superior quality materials, meanwhile it doesn’t mean that the other ones such as cheaper ones are made of bad materials, just because they are available at lower rates. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if that matters to you.

But It’s so easy to throw in the car and go, and you can move it from room to room with a very easy wash cover because its portability is a big goal.

3. It Helps Babies To Stay Calm

While you opt to take a quick shower or tend to other chores, the DockATot are also great for keeping your newborn in a safe and calm space that they can’t easily scoot out. And most experts admit that they are convenient for co-sleeping and perfectly safe for supervised naps.

4. DockATot Is Extremely Safe

The majority of people know that DockATot is made of superior quality materials as well as their covers are made of natural cotton, their materials are also put through a series of safety tests, such as flammability tests, fabric burst strength, toxins, colorfastness, and seam strength. The question is: What else would you ask for?

Its safety standards are also equal to none, not only is it free from phthalates and heavy metals. Says Founder Lisa Furuland, its fabric material is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified, breathable, comfortable, and hypoallergenic.

The hypoallergenic materials also don’t harbor heat to make sure optimal sleeping temperature from the immediate surrounding.

5. It Facilitates Tummy Time

As we all know, tummy time exercise plays an essential role to develop a baby’s motor skills and neck strength, but mothers face problems in the very beginning days because It is common for babies to dislike the effort it requires at first to do tummy time.

Thanks to the DockATot its soft rounded sides help prop babies up when placed under the arms, making tummy time finally a fun activity, so it provides the ideal tummy time ease and space.

6. It Eases Crib To Bed Transition

The DockATot plays a crucial role in helping your baby make the transition from a crib to a toddler or big-kid bed by providing a safe, comfortable and cozy environment within the vast new space. No more sticking those little feet between the bed rails or falling out of bed.

Pros and Cons of DockATot

For an appropriately sized bassinet or baby crib mattress, the DockATot is not a replacement for them. With that being said, you can face a few downsides to it, there are a ton of practical and cozy upsides to owning one.

DockATot pros and cons

Holistically, we believe there are many pros than cons by a fairly big margin. And in that state, we can now start to understand where its pricing originates from.

  • Adorable colors and amazing patterns
  • Machine washable cover
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Breathable cover
  • No heavy metals
  • Comforts fussy babies
  • Meet US safety and quality standards
  • Two stages for growing kids
  • Good enough for supervised naps, in return giving you a breather
  • Cozy and comfy
  • Not inflatable
  • No phthalates
  • Not suitable for traveling
  • Not suitable for sleep
  • Expensive

Why Is Dockatot So Expensive Related FAQ’s!

Is it ok for the baby to sleep in DockATot?

Unfortunately No. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend it as a sleeping aid, and even the DockATot is marketed as an in-bed co-sleeper. It should never be used as a baby bed, but babies should only be allowed to relax and rest in the DocATot with occasional supervised naps.

Can I put my DockATot in the bassinet?

Sadly No. The DockATot should never be used inside the bassinet, in the play yard, or in a crib. Moreover, all babies should be placed in a bare crib without additional beddings, toys, or pillows.

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The Bottom Line

It helps babies sleep longer, leading to those glorious 10 hours stretches that you could only previously hear with other mothers, but the DockATot might not be the overnight miracle sleep provider that you imagined.

It makes you feel great about knowing that your baby is comfortable, cozy, and safe, while the price tag will make you think twice, or even thrice, it’s the only sleep gimmick product you will need to have for the first eight months with your newborn. 

Furthermore, it’s washable, portable, and the most exciting part is that it’s a comfortable thing for your baby. The terrifying word you hear thrown around as a new parent is about flat head syndrome, but don’t worry its ability to reduce the risk of the flat head syndrome makes you undoubted, so it’s all worth the price.